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Insta-FAMOUS Cactus Garden

Insta-FAMOUS Cactus Garden 

You might have seen it on social media, but Carnarvon really does have an insta-famous Cactus Garden. Because of Instagram, this photographic and iconic spot which is located in the horticultural district of Carnarvon has become insta-famous. 

Why is it there? 

Good question. This cool little spot is literally one of the local plantations front garden, how cool is that? 

does it cost to enter?

No, because it is literally located on the side of the road, you can just pull over and get the perfect Instagram snap. However, we ask that you tread carefully around the area. Don't want to get yourself into a bit of a PRICKLY situation. 

how to get there?

The Cactus Garden is located on South River Road, part of the Fruit Loop Drive Trail. In season, you can buy fresh seasonal produce direct from roadside stalls. Pick up a copy of the guide from the Carnarvon Visitor Centre. 

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