The Kennedy Range

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The Kennedy Range which lies roughly 230km East/North East of Carnarvon and runs north from Gascoyne Junction, is simply stunning. The Range is 75km long and up to 25km wide and is remnant of a million years of erosion where the natural force of winds, rains and movement in the earth’s crust have combined to etch out valleys and push up spectacular cliff faces. Bush camping is permitted at designated sites & fees apply. There are also several walk trails to particularly scenic places, and a tourist road leads to a picnic site by these cliffs where fossils can be found. The southern and eastern edges of the range are dissected by a maze of steep-sided canyons that create running streams after rain. Your experience will be heightened if visiting between August and September, when a range of beautiful wildfl owers burst into colour.

An immense amount of beautiful stones exist. Opalite, mookarite, chalcedony, petrifi ed wood and fossils can be readily observed. The Kennedy Range is one of the Gascoyne’s most impressive rock formations and is an ideal day trip from Carnarvon – perfect for a leisurely drive, a stroll, a picnic, a little more exploring before an easy return for dinner in Carnarvon!

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