On April 20, 2023, at around 11:27 am, the path of totality will graze the tip of Western Australia in a 40-kilometre wide track along the Gascoyne coastline, making it the most accessible land based place on Earth to view the spectacle.

Visitors to the Gascoyne region will have front row seats for one of nature’s most phenomenal occurrences – a solar eclipse – with Exmouth experiencing 62 seconds of totality as the sun is completely blocked by the Moon. The town of Coral Bay will experience a deep partial solar eclipse with over 99 per cent of the sun covered by the moon. Those south of Exmouth in Carnarvon will witness 97 per cent coverage, whilst in Perth, it will be a 72 per cent coverage.

So, what will Astor-enthusiasts see? Chief Astronomer at the Gravity Discovery Centre Rick Tonello explains. “Observers can expect to see the Sun’s bright disc slowly being covered by the silhouette of the Moon to produce a diminishing solar crescent. Just as the last of the Sun disappears behind the Moon, an interesting optical phenomenon known as Baily’s Beads or the Diamond Ring Effect will occur, where the final rays of sunlight pass between the rugged Lunar topography,” Rick said. “The process of the Moon moving across the face of the Sun takes hours, but the brief moment of totality when the Moon completely obscures the Sun will only last a total of 62 seconds!

Whilst Exmouth is in complete darkness for just over a minute, the rest of Western Australia will experience a partial solar eclipse, with some locations experiencing more ‘darkness’ than others.

Accommodation in Exmouth is heavily booked, so Carnarvon, Coral Bay and Gascoyne Junction will be the host for visitors wishing to travel to see the solar eclipse. Western Australia is the dark sky tourism capital of Australia, and one of the best places in the world to watch the stars, sun and moon journey across the sky.

Learn more about a Hybrid Solar Eclipse - Source: Australia's Coral Coast 


Carnarvon is the gateway to the Ningaloo region, being centrally located between Shark Bay and Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Areas. The Total Solar Eclipse is expected to attract up to 50,000 visitors to the region. Carnarvon and Coral Bay will play a major part in accommodating visitors wishing to travel to the event in Exmouth.

For Carnarvon, there is a bigger picture here. Carnarvon has a known history of space, and with the only Space and Technology Museum located right here in Carnarvon, there is an opportunity to promote Carnarvon to the world and capitalise on massive visitation and media attention to the region.

Shire of carnarvon announces april 2023 rocks carnarvon festival

Visitors and residents of Carnarvon will be treated to a week of eclipse-related festivities as part of the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovations, Dark Sky Festival in celebration of the total solar eclipse occurring in April 2023. The April 2023 Rocks Carnarvon Festival will take place in Carnarvon from the 15 to the 22 April 2023 and is anticipated to attract up to 5,000 people throughout the week.

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do you require accommodation?

Carnarvon has 7 Caravan Parks which still have lots of Powered and Unpowered Sites. Please contact the Carnarvon Visitor Centre on 9941 1146 for more information. 

Expressions of interest - managing overflow camping

The Shire of Carnarvon invites Expression of Interest to local Sport Clubs and Community Groups to assist in operating and the management of an overflow campground for visitors on the Town Oval, during the April 2023 Solar Eclipse Event. See below link for further information. 

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how can i get involved?

The Shire of Carnarvon is working with key stakeholders to identify the risks and opportunities associated with this event. It has come the time to share what we know with our local businesses and tourism operators who will significantly be impacted by this iconic natural event. Please Contact Harriet Murphy on 0436 382 300 or email for more information and how you can be a part of this iconic event. 

community information session 

On the 1st of December 2022, the Shire of Carnarvon along with the Gascoyne Development Commission held a community information session for the 2023 Total Solar Eclipse. 

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whats next? 

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