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One Mile Jetty and Heritage Precinct

One Mile Jetty & Coffee Pot TrainExplore our towns local history at the Heritage Precinct located at the site of the 1890’s Port of Carnarvon. The facility is home to the One Mile Jetty, Shearing Hall of Fame, Railway Station Museum and Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage Museum.

One Mile Jetty Temporarily Closed for Repairs

The Carnarvon One Mile Jetty was built in 1897 which allowed wool and livestock produced in the region to be shipped to Fremantle for markets and for essential goods for the town to be imported in via state shipping which occurred on average twice a week. In 1904 the head of the Jetty was added and in 1912 the jetty head was further widened because of increasing use and traffic, including the arrival and departure of passengers. The jetty transport system & trains ceased in 1966 when state ships stopped using the port and the road leading into town from the South was sealed.

One Mile JettyThe One Mile Jetty is the longest jetty in the North of Western Australia and is listed with both State and National Heritage Trusts. The jetty is open to the public every day for people wanting to walk the jetty, throw in a fishing line or sit back and enjoy a trip on the Coffee Pot train which runs along the length of the jetty.

Railway & Shearers Hall of Fame-This display showcases the history of shearing in the Gascoyne Region. The display highlights the shearing culture of the area with plenty of tales and stories about the local legends over the years.

Lighthouse Keepers Cottage– Restored to the times of our pioneers who looked after the lighthouse. The Museum is open from 10am-1pm.

Tramway bridge over Fascine

Carnarvon Tramway– A 2.5km walk trail that connects the town with the Heritage Precinct. Originally constructed in the 1900s it was used to transport goods between the Port of Carnarvon and the town centre first by camel trains and in later years via train. Today it is a popular walk and bike trail with signage marking out local flora and fauna found along the trail.

Cultural centre web imageGwoonwardu Mia- Aboriginal Cultural Centre – Temporarily Closed

Gwoonwardu Mia Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre celebrates the five language groups of the Gascoyne region. The centre is housed in an award-winning building and is a must see for visitors in the area. The facility contains a national award winning interpretive gallery exhibition, which gives visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the rich culture and heritage of the Gascoyne region. Along with a gallery shop where work from local artists is showcased is a café with a menu offering food with a bush tucker flavour.

 Gwoonwardu Mia- exhibitionPermanent exhibition:

Burlganyja Wanggaya- Old People Talking

This exhibition tells the story of the aboriginal people of the Gascoyne region in their own words.

 OTC Dish

Dominating the Carnarvon skyline is the OTC dish. The facility was opened in 1966 after Carnarvon was selected as Australia’s first Earth Station site. The OTC dish assisted with the relaying of satellite signals for international telecommunications and alongside the Carnarvon Tracking Station was instrumental in the NASA spaceflight programs including the first landing on the moon. It was also from here that Australia received its first satellite television broadcast. The facility was closed after assisting with the tracking of Hailey’s comet in 1987. The area offers panoramic views of the town, plantations and surrounding country side and is also the site of the Space and Technology museum.OTC Dish

Space and technology museum

The Space and Technology museum was coordinated and upgraded by a group of local volunteers and community groups; the facility was officially opened by Buzz Aldrin in 2012. The museum currently provides an interpretational exhibit of the various space missions. This facility will continue to be developed to ensure that the history and significance of the OTC dish and the NASA tracking station is preserved. The museum is open from October to March from 10am to 2pm and April to September from 9am to 4pm. Entry fees. 

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