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Banana bunchThe plantations surrounding Carnarvon produce a diversity of fruit and vegetables and approximately 70% of Perth’s winter vegetables are grown in the area. While the banana is commonly associated with the area an abundance of other produce is also grown within the region including crops of tomatoes, beans, capsicums, asparagus, sweet corn and pumpkin to name a few. The area is also home to a number of tropical fruits such as mangoes, paw paws, citrus, stone fruit, grapes, avocados and star fruit.Sweeter Banana

Visitors can take a drive along the plantation roads to observe what is being grown and make stops along the way at Plantations who provide shops for the public to purchase produce direct. Most of these shops are small family run businesses and operate on an honour box system. However some plantations have branched out to now offer jams, preserves, dried and frozen produce, ice creams and smoothies.

 Gascoyne Growers Markets/ Carnarvon Art & Craft Market

During the winter months growers sell their produce direct to the public at Saturday morning markets held at the Carnarvon Civic Centre. The Gascoyne Growers Market runs in conjunction with a thriving Art and Craft market which sells a variety of items including jams, preserves, jewellery, books, photographs, cosmetic products, cakes, spices and a variety of other home-made crafts. Gascoyne Growers Markets

The markets are a hit with locals and visitors alike who enjoy the chance to have a coffee and make their purchases in a relaxed environment, while picking up tips from the growers and enjoying some of the samples provided during local cooking demonstrations.  The markets run annually from late Mid May- Mid October.

Gascoyne River

The Gascoyne River is unusual in that the water sits unseen below the riverbed in underground reserves for the majority of the year. Periodically the river flows visibly after heavy rainfall is experienced inland. This provides an impressive sight for visitors & locals alike who are lucky enough to be in town to watch the water come in.Plantations Aerial View

 This water filters through the river sand to the underground aquifers, and from there  is drawn to supply the town and horticultural area’s water. For this reason the river is often referred to as the life blood of Carnarvon.

Gascoyne Food Trail

River burger & SmoothieCatch the taste of the great life as you follow the Gascoyne Food Trail. It will take you to producer owned seafood and horticultural outlets as well as to venues incorporating local produce in their menu. Seasonally available produce grown in the area includes mangoes, grapes, watermelon and most tropical fruits, plus a whole spectrum of fresh vegetables. Fruit, ice-creams, preserves, dried and frozen products are all available direct from producers & a number of cafes and restuarants prepare their menus around local products. A copy of the Gascoyne Food Trail brochure and map can be picked up from the Carnarvon Visitor Centre.


Crab gascoyneMuch of the state’s seafood comes from the waters off Carnarvon with a thriving prawn, scallop, crab and fishing industry operating from Carnarvon. During the season freshly caught seafood can be purchased directly from outlets located at the Small Boat Harbour and Norwest Seafood’s Babbage Island factory. Information on outlets can be found in the Gascoyne Food Trail brochure.

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