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Fishing at Pelican PointFishing is an extremely popular pastime in Carnarvon and the surrounding coastal areas. Great fishing spots are in abundance for all skill levels, from the beach at Pelican Point, to the One Mile Jetty or the small boat harbour. One of the most popular fishing spots in town is off the One Mile Jetty as the end section spans a deep channel.

South of Carnarvon are fishing and crabbing spots including Oyster and Uendoo creeks, New Beach, Bush Bay and Gladstone.

North of town Visitors can enjoy spectacular beach fishing at Miaboolya Beach, or game fishing from the Blowholes and all the way up the Quobba Coastline through to Gnaraloo.

 Dorre & Bernier Islands are located some distance off the coast of Carnarvon and are accessible by boat. These islands are one of Carnarvon’s best kept fishing secrets. Fish such as Pink Snapper, Spangled emperor, Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Groper, Cod, Spanish Mackerel & Cobia are just a few of the fish species caught in the area.

 The best time to visit the islands is from April to October. Bernier Island allows access during the day only and no camping permitted on the island.

Fishing at the islandsDorre island is a A1 class reserve meaning access onto the island is prohibited at all times, however there are many bays around both islands in which you can anchor and sleep on your boat overnight.

 During the months of May to November it is common to spot whales frolicking in the crystal clear waters during their migration period.

 For tide times and fishing tips contact the Carnarvon Visitor Centre or drop by one of the local tackle shops for some inside information. Please be mindful that there are a number of sanctuary zones along the coast where fishing is not permitted. For further information on these locations you can contact the local Fisheries office.


Fascine at sunriseThis picturesque reserve can be found at the end of the main street just a short distance from the main shopping area of town. The waterway is often home to a variety of boats and water activities and is fringed by a pretty palm lined pathway for those wishing to enjoy a leisurely stroll.

A playground and BBQ facilities are also available on town beach near the tramway bridge for those wishing to relax while enjoying one of the Fascines magnificent sunsets and even glimpse some of the dolphins who frequent the waterway.

 War Memorial- town

War MemorialThe war memorial now stands where the original water tanks once stood in the centre of town. This memorial was shipped from Perth and erected in 1923 to serve as a reminder of the tragic loss of life in the Great War. Plaques have since been added to represent the losses of life in the Second World War, Korean and Vietnam wars.

The wall of remembrance was unveiled at the war memorial on the 23rd November 1991 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the sinking of HMAS Sydney by the German Raider the HSK Kormoran off the Gascoyne coast in 1941. This event was the greatest single Australian maritime loss of lives during the Second World War.

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