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Coral Bay

Coral Bay

Coral Bay


The Coral Bay settlement is less than three hours drive north of Carnarvon on the Minilya/Exmouth Road. On arrival visitors are greeted with amazing views of pristine sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters. The real drawcard for the area however is the Ningaloo Reef which starts just metres from the shoreline, this unique natural landscape teamed with all accommodation being located in close proximity to other facilities means the area exudes a laid back holiday vibe all year round, allowing visitors to enjoy life at a more relaxed pace.

Blue Chromus on Staghorn Coral

Blue Chromus and Staghorn Coral

Experience the wonders of the reef and the marine wildlife that call it home, by swimming and snorkelling at locations such as Bill’s Bay, the calm and protected area is a sanctuary zone (no fishing permitted) meaning the area is brimming with a variety of tropical fish. Alternatively you can take advantage of one of the professional tour companies who offer combined coral viewing and snorkelling, manta interactions, sailing, kayaking, scenic flights, fishing charters and diving tours to various hotspots just within the outer reef, home to an abundance of coral, tropical fish, turtles and manta Rays. Snorkelling Equipment is also available for purchase or hire through various operators in Coral Bay.

Quad Bike tours Coral Bay

Quad Bikes Coral Bay

For the adventurous land lovers, there are quad bike tours available allowing visitors to explore some of the more remote beaches, bush tracks and dunes that surround Coral Bay with tours to a number of locations available throughout the day.

Migration Media

Migration Media

Coral Bay boasts a large population of Manta Rays and offer visitors the unique opportunity to swim with these graceful and gentle creatures all year round providing an unforgettable experience. Manta rays do not possess the protective stinging barb on their tails and as such are harmless to humans.


Migration Media

Migration Media

Whale Sharks can be found along the length of the Ningaloo Reef from March to July following the coral spawning. The Ningaloo Reef is deemed as one of the most reliable and easily accessible locations in the world to swim with the whale sharks (which can grow up to 18 metres in length) a range of professional tour operators within Coral Bay offer visitors the chance to swim with these gentle giants.

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