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There are 7 species of marine turtle and we find 3 of those here on the Ningaloo Reef. The loggerhead, green and hawksbill turtles are the varieties that we see in this region. Turtles are air-breathing reptiles that are thought to have evolved around 100 million years ago. They are long lived animals but we don’t know how old they live to be as we only really started studying them in the 1970’s. We will often see turtles feeding, swimming and sleeping in the waters around Coral Bay and have even got a special sanctuary zone for them.

We have a resident population of turtles that live around Coral Bay all year round and during October we start to see mature turtles that have migrated here to breed. The mature breeding turtles mate (the females will mate with several males and store up the sperm) and over the next couple of months the female will lay her eggs. The girls will leave her comfort zone and struggle up the beach at the night time high tide. She will dig a depression in the sand with her front and back flippers and then dig an egg chamber with just her back flippers. After laying those eggs she will cover up and try to disguise where she has made her nest before returning to the sea. Two weeks later the next batch of eggs will be ready to go and she will make the journey up the beach again.

The different species of turtles will differ in the number of eggs in each clutch and the number of clutches that are laid. But after all the clutches have been laid the turtles will then return to their feeding ground and might not return for a couple of years.

Between 5-10 weeks after the eggs have been laid the little baby turtles will emerge from their shells and spend a few days crawling up through the sand. They will wait about 10cm below the surface and wait for it to cool down – this will mean that it is night time and they will have the cover of darkness to run down the beach. It is thought that as the babies run down the beach they imprint the magnetic fields of the earth into their brain so that when they mature they will be able to find their way back to the very same beach. Information made available by 

Coral Bay Tours 

Turtle Eco Tour with Coral Bay Eco Tours

Our Turtle Tour is the best way to view turtles feeding in their natural surroundings. Our experienced crew and their in-depth knowledge of our local turtles species and behaviour, will show you the best way to view these amazing animals. As the only turtle tour conducted on a glass bottom boat, this great value tour also provides you with the opportunity for coral viewing, fish feeding and snorkeling at two specially selected sites. Snorkeling gear is provided and coffee/tea/milo and biscuits are also included. Tour Prices: Adult $78, Child, $42, Senior $72 and Family (2Ad & 2Ch) $197. Book now. 

Dive & Snorkel Ningaloo Reef with Ningaloo Reef Dive and Snorkel 

Do you have both divers and snorkellers in your group? Our half day boat tours are perfect for snorkellers as well because they can enjoy the shallower areas of the dive site. Join our daily reef dives to some of the most spectacular locations the Ningaloo Reef has to offer.

This area of the Ningaloo Reef has amazing biodiversity with spectacular hard coral formations, soft corals and anemones, multiple varieties of reef sharks, turtles, clownfish, nudibranchs, moray eels, colourful profusions of reef fish, stingrays … and much more.Photographers will love getting close to a huge choice of subjects.  Half Day tour meeting at 8.30am and returning around 1pm. Includes 2 snorkels or SCUBA Dives on the reef with refreshments provided between sites. Tour Prices: Adult Snorkeller $100, Child Snorkeller $75, Divers Tanks and Weights Only $150, Divers all Equipment supplied $175.00, Discover Scuba Dive $215. Book now. 

Best of Ningaloo with Ningaloo Marine Interactions 

For the snorkelling connoisseur … for those that really want to explore the best of the pristine Ningaloo Reef. This tour includes all the elements of our half day Manta Interaction and much more! Get away from the crowds and let us introduce you to some of our amazing wildlife… plus millions of fish and hundreds of different coral species! The beauty of the reef speaks for itself, however this tour aims to teach you about the fragile yet resilient Ningaloo Reef and hopefully inspire the marine ecologist in you all!

We visit numerous snorkel sights and have plenty of time to soak up the beautiful Ningaloo scenery. Our passionate crew will endeavour to give you an experience of Coral Bay to be remembered always. Tour Prices: Adult $210, Child $150 and Family (2Ad & 2Ch) $650. Book now. 

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