The ‘Gascoyne Local App’ initiative aims to help The ‘Gascoyne Local App’ initiative aims to help Gascoyne businesses promote their products and services, and encourage locals and visitors to support small businesses in the Gascoyne communities.

The app has two main features; business directory and offers/ discounts. The marketing and promotion will be focused on those businesses who offer incentives to shop at their business, by providing an offer or discount for their product or service.It’s important more than ever to be a true Gascoyne local and look to support small businesses when buying products and services.

However, research shows that consumers are more likely to shop local if there is an incentive too. By going local, small businesses can grow their business, create local jobs and help their community.

The Gascoyne Local App is an initiative funded by the Gascoyne Development Commission.The project has been developed and managed by the Shire of Carnarvon on behalf of all Local Governments in the Gascoyne.

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