Eye safety and solar eclipses

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, and the moon fully or partially obscures the sun. It is extremely dangerous to look directly at the sun even during a solar eclipse. You should never attempt to observe a total, partial or annular eclipse with the naked eye.

Things to remember

  • Viewing the eclipse can cause permanent visual loss.
  • Damage occurs rapidly without any pain.
  • Loss of vision does not occur until after the eclipse.
  • There is no treatment and children are especially at risk.
  • Experts advise against any direct viewing of the eclipse 



Getting to Carnarvon and Coral Bay requires driving long distances, increasing the chance of driver fatigue. It is important that you plan for regular breaks and do not put yourself and others at risks. Tips to avoid driver fatigue are:

  • Get a good night's sleep before you leave
  • Know when its time to rest, for example yawning, restlessness
  • Avoid driving at night
  • Take regular breaks
  • Stay hydrated




Carnarvon health campus provides access acute and emergency care. Centrally located on Cleaver Street Carnarvon, the campus is open 24 hours in case of emergency and can be contacted on 9941 0555

Carnarvon Medical Centre offers a wide range of medical and allied health services by appointment. The centre is open weekdays only from 7.30pm until 4.30pm.


Coral Bay Nursing Post is a nurse led clinic located at 67 Robinson Street, Coral Bay. Opening hours are from Midnight - 8.30am and 5pm - 11.59pm. The Nursing Post provides emergency & primary healthcare services to Coral Bay residents & visitors.  There is no resident doctor.

IN CASE OF AN Emergency

The Triple Zero (000) service is the quickest way to get the right emergency service to help you. You can contact Police, Fire or Ambulance in life threatening or emergency situations.

  • Is someone seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help?
  • Is your life or property being threatened?
  • Have you just witnessed a serious accident or crime?

If you answered YES call Triple Zero (000).

Keep in mind, remote communities have limited access to emergency services and they should only be contacted in a matter of life and death.