Love For Carnarvon Blossoms with 'REAL Carnarvon' Photography Exhibition

Published on Monday, 19 February 2024 at 11:00:00 AM

Love For Carnarvon Blossoms with 'REAL Carnarvon' Photography Exhibition

The Shire of Carnarvon proudly launches the 'REAL Carnarvon' photography exhibition, a celebration of the picturesque beauty and cultural diversity that defines our beloved region. Launched on Valentine's Day at the Carnarvon Library and Art Gallery in conjunction with the annual nationwide Library Lovers Day celebrations, this exhibition is a testament to the love locals and visitors share for the unique charm of Carnarvon.

The photography competition received over 100 entries from talented photographers capturing the essence of the Carnarvon region. A panel of judges, including Shire President Eddie Smith, Shire of Carnarvon Media and Communications Officer Andrew Robertson, and First Nations leader and Adjunct Professor Emma Garlett, selected just over 50 images for the exhibition from a total of 108 entries for the exhibition.

Emma Garlett, a Yamatji, Noongar and Nyiyiparli woman, shared her view on the exhibition “It is an opportunity to see Carnarvon through the eyes of the community, each lens and perspective is diverse and should be celebrated. It gives you an insight into the true nature of the coastal town," remarked Garlett.

The exhibition features four categories, each highlighting a unique aspect of Carnarvon's beauty. The winners are as follows:

Landscapes and Seascapes

1st - Tony De Los Angeles

2nd - Sophie Doell

3rd - Casey Harangi


Cultural Diversity

1st - Senia Eastmure

2nd - Laurel Corless

3rd - Avril Rogers

Carnarvon Life

1st - Josh Chapman

2nd - Sarah Peebles

3rd - Carmen Reilly

Hidden Gems

1st - Andrew Tyndall

2nd - Colin Andreoli

3rd - Jack Law-Davis

Shire President Eddie Smith expressed his enthusiasm for the exhibition, stating, "The 'REAL Carnarvon' photography exhibition is a testament to the love and pride our community feels for this extraordinary region. Each photograph tells a unique story, showcasing the diverse and captivating facets of Carnarvon."

All entries will be displayed on a slideshow at the Carnarvon Library and Art Gallery. Additionally, the stunning photographs will be featured on the Yagan Square Tower in Perth, allowing the beauty of Carnarvon to captivate a broader audience.

This exhibition and the upcoming showcase on the Yagan Square Tower over the coming months are part of a new marketing strategy developed by the Shire of Carnarvon. The strategy is dedicated to showcasing the 'REAL Carnarvon' experiences, inviting visitors and locals alike to explore the true essence of this remarkable region.

The Shire of Carnarvon invites everyone to visit the exhibition at the Library and Art Gallery and share in the love for Carnarvon.


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