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Get ready to head down to the beach with your four legged companions! While your hip sun-glasses and your tanning lotion may be at the top of your packing list, you also need to bring along a few things to help ensure your furry friend’s comfort.

Carnarvon’s coastline is renowned for its beautiful beaches which are an immensely popular spot for the locals and travelers. Travelling with pets can be tricky, though we like to think in Carnarvon we make it fairly easy for pet owners. Carnarvon has recently been recognised as one of the most pet friendly towns in Western Australia’s, Australia’s Coral Coast region. Take a read of some of our travelling tips and suggestions of what you can see and do in Carnarvon with your furry friend. 

Travelling Tips:

  • All animals must be kept on a lead at all times as there is currently 1080 poison in the area which can be fatal to domestic pets.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your pets to avoid inconvenience to your other fellow campers and to keep the area nice and clean so everyone can enjoy the surroundings.
  • You must not leave your furry little friends unattended as they will find other eager travellers to spend their holiday with.
  • Be aware that if you are going to take your pets for a stroll at one of our magnificent beaches all sorts of items can be partially or fully hidden in the sand. Broken glass, rocks, hooks, coral and garbage can pose a danger to your pets.

Pet Services – Coral Coast Veterinary Hospital & Boarding Kennel 

Coral Coast Doggy Day Care

Away for the day… or maybe a little longer? Treat your pet to their own mini-break with a stay at Coral Coast Vet Boarding while you explore all Carnarvon has to offer. Relax knowing your pet is well cared for by a tea of dedicated nurses and 24hr on call vet. More information or to book your pet contact the team at Coral Coast Vet Clinic on (08) 9941 1155. 

Coral Coast Doggy Day Spa 

The team at Coral Coast Vet Carnarvon believe ALL pets deserve an exceptional life- its the philosophy they live and practice by. We guarantee GOLD STANDARD veterinary care and awesome customer service at every visit. For those pets requiring a little extra pampering- check out the Day Spa menu – On offer is the Grubby Dog Express Blitz, PawParazzi Pampering Package and the Full Sha-Bang. More information or to book your pet into the ultimate pamper sesh contact the team at Coral Coast Vet Clinic on (08) 9941 1155. 

Beach Trip with my Furry Friend within 30km of Carnarvon

Pelican Point

Take a drive down to the old prawning jetty just left of the One Mile Jetty to experience the calming scenery. You can take your four legged companion to stretch their furry legs or head down for a picnic on the sand. Pelican Point has some of the most magical sunsets and panoramic ocean views, this is the perfect spot to take you dog for a walk or swim. Pets are welcome to run off leash along the sandy beaches between the One Mile Jetty and public toilets. 

Miabooyla beach

Miaboolya Beach is located 22km north of  Carnarvon on a gravel road. It is part of the Gascoyne River Delta and home to a rich array of fauna and flora species. This beach is popular amongst the locals and tourists for fishing, crabbing and swimming. It is a great spot for you to take your furry little friends and enjoy a swim and picnic by the water. This is the only beach in the Gascoyne where clothes are optional, so please make sure your pets keep their fur coats and feather pants on!

New Beach & Bush Bay 

New Beach and Bush Bay is located 30km south of Carnarvon, approximately 20 minutes driving time from Carnarvon. This beach is popular camping and fishing beach and your four legged friends are certainly welcome. It’s a great spot to visit for the day and enjoy the flocks of birds that surround the mangroves. 

Pet Friendly Cafes/Restaurants

We have a wide range of cafes and restaurants which welcomes you and your four legged companion to sit back and enjoy Carnarvon easy way of life, enjoy a cup of coffee and bite to eat. Here is a list of Cafes and Restaurants that you are able to enjoy with your furry friend. It is important you keep your pets on a lead at all times, as we known how much they love food. 

Galleon Café – A wide range of Australian and Asian cuisine. Open from 8am onwards and located in the Town Centre (opposite the Visitor Centre) 

Port Hotel – A casual dining atmosphere located in the Town Centre. You can enjoy Breakfast, Lunch and Tapa’s menu in the evening and beer, wine and coffee. 

Carnarvon Hotel – An outdoor area overlooking the magnificent Fascine is a great spot to sit back and enjoy Lunch or Dinner. If you are a lover of sunsets, we suggest a nice relaxing evening here. 

Fascine Coffee Lounge – Perfect spot in the Town Centre overlooking the Fascine. Renowned for their HUGE deckies breakfast and yummy mango smoothies. 

Where to stay with your furry friend? 

Carnarvon is extremely lucky to have 6 out of 7 of our Caravan Parks as dog friendly parks and 1 of 2 Caravan Parks in Coral Bay.  Some of our caravan parks in Carnarvon do offer cabins/chalets that can accommodate you and your four legged fur ball. For more information on Pet Friendly accommodation please don’t hesitate to contact Visitor Centre team on (08) 9941 1146.

Pet Friendly Caravan Parks 

  • Norwesta Lifestyle Park
  • Capricorn Holiday Park
  • Coral Coast Tourist Park
  • Carnarvon Caravan park
  • Wintersun Caravan and Tourist park
  • BIG 4 Plantation Caravan Park
  • Ningaloo Coral Bay (Previously Bayview Coral Bay)

Pet Friendly Station Stays 

Below you can read and find links to further information on station stays and wilderness camping grounds in the Carnarvon region. 

  • Gladstone Bay
  • Wooramel Riverside Retreat 
  • Point Quobba & Bush Bay (Shire managed reserves)
  • Quobba Station & Red Bluff 
  • Gnaraloo Station & 3Mile 
  • Warroora Station – 14 Mile 

Northern Wilderness Experiences 

Blowholes/Point Quobba

Point Quobba is located 75km north of Carnarvon, approximately 45 minutes driving time on a bitumen road. The Blowholes is a popular tourist attraction, this natural phenomenon is awe inspiring. 2km south of the Blowholes is Point Quobba, a favourite beach camping spot and natural ‘aquarium’ fantastic for snorkeling, safe swimming, family picnics and great spot for your companion to let loose and go for a dip in the crystal clear water.  Click here for more information on Camping. 

Quobba station, Red Bluff & Gnaraloo 

This magnificent stretch of coastline boasts towering cliffs, rugged coastline and sandy white deserted beaches and known as the Gateway to the Ningaloo Reef, with Red Bluff as the southern boundary. These beautiful untouched areas are the ideal spot to escape from your busy city life to enjoy the amazing scenery that our magnificent coast has to offer. These areas give your pets a chance to explore our beautiful coastline and provides your four legged campers a chance to mingle and unwind.  You may take your pets for a stroll around Gnaraloo but not past the caretaker residence. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times due to 1080 baits laid in the area. Click here for more information on Camping. 

Warroora Station 

Warroora Station is located 190km north of Carnarvon and is part of the magnificent stretch of Ningaloo Reef Marine Park. For those chasing a wilderness camping experience with crystal clear water views, Warroora is certainly recommended amongst travelers. Camping for 2WD caravans is suitable at 14 Mile Camp, campers must be self-sufficient with their own toilets facilities. Click here for more information on Camping. 

Coral Bay

With the Ningaloo Reef just metres from the shoreline, amazing views of pristine beaches and clear turquoise waters the Coral Bay settlement exudes a laid back holiday vibe all year round. Experience the wonders of the reef and the marine wildlife that call it home, by swimming and snorkeling at locations such as Bill’s Bay. It is a calm & protected area which is a sanctuary zone (fishing not permitted). Coral Bay is a magnificent spot for you to relax and unwind from that crazy busy life; it gives you an opportunity to meet the fellow travelers and gives you the chance to snorkel in the Coral Bay’s amazing crystal clear waters. Bayview Caravan Park allows dogs with restrictions.

Southern Wilderness Experiences 

Gladstone Bay 

Gladstone is located 145km south of Carnarvon and falls in the magical waters of the Shark Bay Marine Park. Pristine waters is a natures way of welcoming you. The camping ground offers basic facilities though suitable for wilderness campers and furry four legged travelers. Click here for more information on Camping. 

Wooramel Riverside Retreat 

Wooramel is located  120km south of Carnarvon. It’s a unqiue camping ground nestled under the majestic gum trees on the bank of the Wooramel River. Relax in the naturally heated therapeutice artesian bore baths from the Birdrong aquifer. Pets are welcome though must be kept on a lead at all times. Click here for more information on Camping. 


Did you know?

  • 6 out of 7 caravan parks here in Carnarvon are pet friendly!
  • Sometimes dogs will fake being sick to get attention
  • Anything smelly your dog rolls in only smells gross to you – to them its DIVINE!
  • Dogs can make up to 100 different facial expressions
  • George the biggest dog in the world is scared of Chihuahuas
  • Pit bulls were known as the ‘nanny dogs’ because of how protective and kind they were to children.
  • A dog’s nose print is just like a humans finger print.

Drop into the Visitor Centre upon your arrival and pick up a map of the town and see what other local attractions there are to visit to make your stay in Carnarvon a memorable one. From all of us here in Carnarvon we thank you for complying with our codes and conducts. We hope that you enjoy your stay here in Carnarvon.

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