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The "Worlds Leading Whale Shark Team" invites you to experience a unique ocean experience in swimming with the largest fish in the ocean. From March to July each year the Whale Sharks converge on the nutrient rich waters of the Ningaloo Reef. Ningaloo Reef Dive's professional crew will take you on a sensational day of adventure that you will never forget. We also offer dedicated diving trips, snorkeling with Manta Rays as well as swimming with Humpback Whales!


At Ningaloo Reef Dive our aim is to provide you a unique experience within one of the world’s most amazing natural environments; The Ningaloo Reef Marine Park. The diversity of the Ningaloo Reef provides us the opportunity to offer you a range of experiences unlike any other travel destination on earth.

Among the hundreds of varieties of reef fish and hard corals that make the reef their home, the waters off Coral Bay are home to a year round population of manta rays, green turtles, bottlenose dolphins, dugong and reef sharks-to name a few.

The annual coral spawning during March/April announces the arrival of whale sharks. The biggest fish in the ocean (up to 18m in length) appear every year on the Ningaloo Reef to feed on dense populations of plankton which thrive on the movement of warm tropical waters to the area brought by the Leeuwin current. By the end of July they have moved on as mysterious as they arrived.

As whale shark season is winding down we begin to have sightings of humpback whales on their annual northern migration, other whale species, such as minke, and even blue whales have been seen in the waters off Coral Bay up until November. Female loggerhead and hawks bill turtles return to the beaches where they were born to lay their eggs and we begin to see them as the season for the whales is coming to an end.

Allow our professional and fun loving crew to show you the many wonders of the Ningaloo Reef. Their passion for this amazing environment will soon become obvious and infectious, with their professional PADI training you can be confident that you are in safe hands on any one of our exciting tour options.

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8/46 Robinson St, Coral Bay WA 6701, Australia


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