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100% no seasickness warranty.
All kids FREE on Wow! Wildlife Experience
"Love it or it''''''''s FREE!" 100% money-back guarantee
Save $49. Take the ''''''''Origin of the Mermaid Myth'''''''' and get the ''''''''Monkey Mia Magic Sunset Cruise'''''''' for FREE!


Hours: Denham Office 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Chose from 4 superb wildlife sailing experiences aboard the awesome, internationally famous, 18m ocean-racing, catamaran Shotover; "The Nature Boat".

"Love it or it's free!" is the totally unconditional, 100% money-back, Shotover guarantee to you. Imagine a wildlife sailing & fun experience that is truly exceptional. This promise extends beyond the cruise to everything available on board; clothing, printed items, food & drink. Plus; a $100 no sea sickness warranty. The only 100% certain way to avoid seasickness is to sit under a gum tree, but thanks to her exceptionally sea-kindly-design, sea-sickness is so unlikely on Shotover, that we offer $100 cash to anyone who gets physically seasick! (No fingers down the throat & for fare paying only.)

Additionally, we offer an "Animal Warranty." With animals in the wild there is, naturally the occasional possibility of not finding them, so we remove that risk for you! If you miss seeing the animals to your satisfaction, you are welcome to come back again, on any cruise, as our guest, until you have seen the animals to your total satisfaction. We have been here since 1993, so we do know where to go & you have excellent prospects of seeing animals.

Since 1982, scientists have come here from all over the world to unravel the mysteries of dolphin society. The 120 dolphins in this bay have provided about 95% of the world's total knowledge of dolphin behaviour. All of the dolphins have been named by the scientists; your crew knows most of the dolphins & will introduce them to you.

Shotovers' Catamaran wildlife tours offer full toilet facilities, seating on deck for all & a shade awning across the back deck to protect you from the sun. We also offer onboard free sunscreen. Soft drinks & snacks are available for purchase.

Enjoy the WOW! Wildlife Experience, Origin of the Mermaid Myth! and Monkey Mia Magic Sunset Cruise.


Monkey Mia Wildsights provides Australia's only Pure Sail Wildlife Cruises aboard Shotover, an awesome 18-metre ocean racing catamaran, offering 3 superb wildlife sailing experiences. All cruises are backed by a $100 no seasickness warranty, for all fare paying passengers and a 'come-again, for free, as often as you like until you have seen the animals to your total satisfaction', animal warranty. Each day Shotover starts at 9 am with the 2.5 hour Wow! Wildlife Experience, followed at 12.30pm with the reputed 3 hour dugong watching cruise, 'Origin of the Mermaid Myth'. The day concludes with the 1.5 hour Monkey Mia Magic Sunset Cruise, sail start times vary to match the sundown.

Monkey Mia Wildsights personalised nature based all-day 4WD tour, aboard a rugged, very comfortable, air-conditioned 4WD vehicle take guests through the Francois Peron National Park a special piece of earth, right where outback Australia meets the coast. All tours are driven by an expert local guide and include a lunch, morning & afternoon ?tea? & drinks, sunscreen, use of binoculars and polarised sunglasses. Pickup at Guest's location, Denham or Monkey Mia.

Monkey Mia Wildsights self-contained Beach Front accommodation on Denham seafront overlooks Shark Bay and has a front line view of the glorious sunsets. Only a 20 minute easy drive from Monkey Mia there are 2 adjacent units; a 2-bedroom and 1-bedroom unit, sleeping a maximum of 5 and 3 people respectively.

Call Fran on 0419 481 465 for anything relating to your stay at Wildsights Beach House. Minimum numbers are NOT required on ANY tour; we are guaranteed to go even if you are our only guest. All activities and merchandise are backed by our incredible unconditional 'Love it, or it's free!' 100% money-back guarantee!

Monkey Mia Wildsights is the 2006 Silver medalist winner for Western Australia's Eco-Tourism Award, British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow award winner and a finalist in the 2006 Facet Golden Guide Award.

Monkey Mia Wildsights will show you WA's unique attractions in the Shark Bay World Heritage region in a way few others have seen it. You won't be disappointed!

Map & Directions

Shark Bay WA, 6537, Australia


From Geraldton drive north along the Northwest Coastal Highway towards Carnarvon, after about 3 hours travel turn left at the Overlander Roadhouse & continue for 128 kilometers to the outskirts of the town Denham.


Cancellation Policy

We will always do our utmost to meet your expectations but sometimes it may become necessary to alter routes times or vessels. All tours are backed by our 100% money-back guarantee: 'Love it or it's free!' We make no cancellation charge but ask that all cancellations and changes are notified as soon as possible.