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Have you wanted to see the world famous Ningaloo Reef from the air? spot Whale Sharks, Whales and other sea creatures? see the township? Then Norwest Air can take you on a trip of a lifetime, the scenery is truly spectacular!


Half Hour Flights - Departing the Exmouth light aircraft stip, this flight gives you a birds eye view as we follow the Shothole Canyon to the pristine waters of Turquoise Bay. Heading north we look for Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales, Manta Ray, Dugongs, Dolphins and turtles swimming near the Ningaloo Reef. We then turn at the Lighthouse and and the town becomes visual as we head back via the Marina. The One Hour flight departs over Shothole & Charles Knife Canyon, then tracks South to get a stunning view of Yardie Creek. Turning North we meander in and out over the Ningaloo Reef as we look out for marine life. On the way, we pass the gorgeous waters of Sandy Bay and Turquoise Bay. Just prior to rounding the North-West Cape we pass the Lighthouse and 1300ft VLF Naval Towers and Mildura Ship Wrek. We then head back via the Exmouth township and Marina.

Map & Directions

Exmouth Aerodrome, Exmouth, WA 6707, Australia


The Exmouth Light Aircraft Strip is 13kms south of Exmouth - look out for the sign "Scenic Flights" on your left hand side of the road. Turn right at the sign and follow the signs to Norwest Air Work