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Food & Wine Event At Carnarvon Civic Centre 21 Robinson St, Carnarvon WA 6701, Australia

Friday 1st January
11:50am - 1:50pm

Cost: FREE




Private event for visiting guest chefs
When: Thursday 8 August

Chefs know best – and this is never truer than when they’re choosing the pick of the crop for their own menus. This exclusive Chef’s Paddock Tour in Carnarvon’s food bowl is a great way for visiting chefs to kick off this year’s Gascoyne Food Festival, and be treated to some serious insider knowledge.


When: Friday 9 August from 12 noon
Where: Bentwaters Plantation, North River Road
Tickets on sale from the Carnarvon Visitor Centre: (08) 9941 1146 or online by entering the date of the event at the following link.

Pull up a chair for one of the highlights of the Gascoyne Food Festival – and make friends into the bargain. The highly anticipated Long Table Lunch begins at noon on August 9 and will be a fantastic introduction for many to the kaleidoscope of ingredients produced in the Gascoyne region. Held on the banks of the mighty Gascoyne River at Bentwaters Plantation, guests can expect a long lunch for the ages set in the heart of this productive sub-tropical horticultural country. With dishes prepared by some of Perth’s top chefs putting Gascoyne ingredients in the spotlight in a tapas-style menu. Those ingredients will have been gathered after the chefs visit local growers and farmers, making this long table lunch one of the most location-specific – and freshest – you’re ever likely to enjoy.

Did you know? The Gascoyne River is known as an ephemeral river, flowing only after the rains fall further inland. Impressive, right? Maybe even consider a scenic flight over the town to check out where all the tastiest produce grows and check out the Gascoyne river from above with Coral Coast Helicopter Services.


When: Saturday 10 August 11, 8 to 11.30am
Where: Civic Centre Courtyard, Robinson Street.
More information available at: www.gascoynefood.com.au/growers-market/

Get amongst it at the regular seasonal growers’ market on Saturday August 11 from 8 to 11.30am. The atmosphere is festive, vibrant and inclusive; growers and producers are more than happy to share tastes of their fruit, veg, jams and sweet treats. Set to the backdrop of live entertainment from local performers, this is a perfect introduction to Carnarvon’s amazing array of produce. If that all leaves you in need of sustenance, pick up a coffee and a Church Burger – then continue doing the rounds and take home a taste of the Gascoyne.

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