Thursday 15th April
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Carnarvon Library and Art Gallery

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Ningaloo Stories is a joint exhibition featuring the work of artist Sadie James and photographer Jess Hadden. 

Collectively inspired by the Ningaloo Reef, their first-hand experience of what lies above and below is retold through their diverse art practices. Having recently collaborated and established Gallery 6707, Exmouth, there is a proven successful partnership. 

Jess Hadden is an underwater photographer for 8 years and has curated a body of work that is a consensus of the best of the Ningaloo, displaying an intuitive sense of timing and composition in a challenging realm. Both scale and subject matter are impressive. 

Sadie James is an established Ningaloo artist who has also written and illustrated several children's books inspired by the region. The painstaking method of layered linocut prints can be fully appreciated here as this exhibition will be the first time the original artworks have been on display. 

For travellers to the Gascoyne, this exhibition promises to introduce some of the characters you may experience and/or reasons to keep coming back to visit. For locals, it is a spotlight on why we've made it home. 


18 Egan Street, Carnarvon WA 6701 

Monday: 10am to 5pm

Tuesday: 10am to 5pm

Wednesday: 10am to 5pm

Thursday: 10am to 7pm

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Saturday: CLOSED

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