Saturday 21st May - Sunday 22nd May
4:00 - 8:00pm




If there was going to be a rock concert anywhere… 

The Burringurrah Festival of Fire celebrates the largest monocline in the world, known as Burringurrah to the Wajarri people and Mount Augustus to Europeans. Its 472 km east of Carnarvon, dated 1.6 billion years old, is  2.5 times the size of Uluru and rises 715m above the plains as an ‘island mountain’

In 2011 Vanessa Snowball of Burringurrah Community approached us and asked for an annual rock concert, with big fires, bush tucker and music…

Burringurrah is a runaway boy who shunned tribal initiation. He was caught by elders, speared, falling to the ground and dying where he lay.  He became the rock formation you see today. 

This festival is only for self-reliant travellers. Accommodation and fuel can be found at Mount Augustus Tourist Park Mt Augustus Tourist Park and road and weather conditions must be checked before you start your drive! 

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