While in Carnarvon, you can head down to the Fascine Town Beach. It's a safe beach for kids especially; you can also swim to the pontoon in the Fascine and you can fish anywhere along the elegant crescent. Top spot to fish is off the Footbridge, known as the Tramway Bridge. If kite surfing is your jam, head to the end of the Pelican Point Road which is a popular spot for locals. 


Miaboolya Beach, is 22km north of Carnarvon. This is the spot you'll find the locals crabbing, swimming and fishing. Miaboolya main creek is cut off from the ocean by a sand bar for months at a time, creating a coastal lagoon. If you've packed your rod, then you'll be glad to hear that this beach is known as a nursery for tailor. You're also likely to get lucky with catches of mangrove jack, western yellowfin bream, mulloway, dart and goldenline - as well as crustaceans such as shrimps and crabs. Miaboolya Beach is the only beach in the Coral Coast Region where clothes are optional (Yup, it's okay to go nudie). 

New Beach, Bush Bay, is 40km south of Carnarvon. It is partly unsealed road to access but it is fantastic fishing spot, camping is also permitted in this spot. Check out the video below with Destination WA host Carmen Braidwood, they stop in and check out this incredible beach. 


Keen to practice your snorkeling skills and see as many colourful fish as possible? There are few better places than the well-named Aquarium at Point Quobba. Head 75km north of Carnarvon and 1km south of the Blowholes, and you'll discover a calm coral-filled lagoon with fish and shells in abundance.  Its white sandy beach is perfection, and it's ideal for swimming and sun baking. Plan ahead, pack a picnic and enjoy a day out along the coastline, exploring the reef and surrounding area.  

Camping is permitted at the Blowholes, Point Quobba. Click here to find out more. 


Some 75km north of Carnarvon, along a sealed road, you'll find one of the regions major draw-cards. Pack a picnic and bring snorkeling gear and get ready to watch mother nature perform. Powerful ocean swells force water through sea caves and up out of narrow holes. The Blowholes perform best on a high and incoming tide, supported by high swells. Click here to see the tides for the region. Take a walk along the coastline, ensure your aware of your surrounds, the coastline is fierce and lives have been lost. As you head south from the Blowholes, you will find the Instagram-famous lagoons. On a calm day, you can find yourself relaxing in these rock pools. 

Want to see it all from above? Time to consider a chopper ride! Coral Coast Helicopter services offers a Heli-Snorkel to the Blowholes. The 30 minute flight takes in the incredible coastline. Landing right in front of your own private rock pool. You have the option to go snorkeling, experience the Blowholes or just sit back and relax. Click here to find out more.