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Carnarvon is a sub-tropical oasis nestled between two World Heritage listed areas, where fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood is plentiful.Paul Mecurio Carnarvon 2011 009

Often referred to as the ‘Food Bowl’ of Western Australia, easy access to a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood including sauces and preserves, makes the option of designing your own menu and then gathering a diverse rang of produce to prepare a healthy meal, a very attractive option.

Why not head off around the plantations and down to the seafood outlets and gather what you need, before heading off to a location such as the barbecues at Baxter park or Town beach overlooking the Fascine, the beach, the river or your accommodation facilities to suggest a few, to cook up a gourmet delight.

Sweeter BananaAlternatively, for those wishing to choose from a menu there are a variety of restaurants, hotels, motels, cafes and food outlets located around town which provide a range of meals in a relaxed atmosphere. For a list of some of these why not check out our page dedicated to soem of our local Cafes, Restaurants and Pubs.


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