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The Wanderfully Lost discovers Carnarvon & Coral Bay!

It’s time to make plans for 2018! 

If we could pick a favourite season? We would pick Summer! Why? The best holiday specials are on offer, you can get away from the hustle and bustle and the water temperatures are PERFECT!

Travelling with an open mind helps you take in every magical part of Australia’s Coral Coast, Carnarvon surprised us! There was so many magical spots that must be added to your bucket list. 

Heli-Adventure with Coral Coast Helicopter Services 

If you ever want to experience something magical, then jump on board with the team at Coral Coast Helicopter Services and ask to be taken to these golden caves (emoji with heart eyes!). Just under an hours flight to reach this magical location. The tour includes champagne and light refreshments. Adventures can be tailored to your liking, if you want a romantic experience you’ll get it, if you want to snorkel the southern end of the Ningaloo Reef or simply 

Chocolate Coated Banana from the Fruit Loop

Carnarvon is known as the Food Bowl of WA. Why? It deserves this title, Carnarvon grows over 70% of Western Australia’s fruit and vegetable supplies. The fruit loop is a drive around South and North River Road, where the plantations line the Gascoyne River. The best time of the year to experience the fruit loop is between May and October, when Carnarvon growing season is at its prime. But summer isn’t totally out of limits. Grapes, paw paws, corn, tomatoes, watermelon, rockmelon as well as these delicious Chocolate Coated Banana’s from the famous Bumbak Plantation. 

Picnic on the Fascine, Carnarvon’s newly developed waterfront 

After a busy day taking in the scenic drive of North and South River Road, the only way to send a magical day is by having a picnic down at the Fascine with all the goodies from all the plantation shops. 

Discover the Kennedy Range National Park 

Mother nature is pretty amazing and the Kennedy Range National Park really does show how amazing mother nature is! Located 260km east of Carnarvon, accessible via 2WD is an eroded plateau located on the rim of the Gascoyne River. These are the views from the Sunrise View Trail, as the name suggest, it’s best experienced at sunrise. This raised viewing area, a short walk from the car park, has a good view of the battlement-like face of the range. 

Summer Sunday sesh at the One Mile Jetty 

Views + Food = AMAZING! That’s what every Sunday compromises of in Carnarvon, a Sunday sesh at the Sunset Cafe at the One Mile Jetty complimented by Scenic Helicopter flights with Coral Coral Coast Helicopter Services. The food is just devine! There really isn’t any other words for it. You will really feel the weekend vibes!

Tours in the heart of the Ningaloo Reef, Coral Bay 

You couldn’t simply visit Coral Bay without jumping on board a tour and discovering the wonders of the Ningaloo Reef. Tours depart daily and you can choose from all day or half day tours. You will find turtles, dolphins, manta rays and nemo… plenty of them. This is on tour with Ningaloo Reef Dive. 

Coral Bay Sunsets 

Nothing better than unwinding your day with a magical sunset. You will never be disappointed in Coral Bay, there is always an amazing skyline. 

Images by The Wanderfully Lost! 

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