Eclipse Sculpture Story

The Eclipse Sculpture is a beautiful representation of community connection and pride. Inspired by the immanent April 2023 Solar Eclipse, Margaret Seaton and fellow art enthusiast Justine Lawler Campbell, developed the concept to provide the community with a legacy of this once in a lifetime astronomy event.

This sculpture sits nestled into the Fascine foreshore directly at the end of Robinson Street in the heart of Carnarvon.  By day it is a beautiful location for family photos and by night a spectacular focal point to take snaps of the sun setting over Babbage Island.  Whatever your fancy, this installation has become a local family favourite.

The sculpture, designed by Ramus Illumination, is 3m in diameter, made from corten and stainless steel and concealing two rings of RGBW pixel addressable flexible LED strip. The strip is made from molded silicone to withstand the harsh environment in WA, and a Pharos LPC 1 controls the content on the ring that echoes the movement of light of the eclipse.

This community led project was championed and partly funded by local businesswoman Margaret Seaton and supported by local businesses, the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation and the Shire of Carnarvon.

Take a look at the amazing sculpture which can be found at the intersection of Robinson St and Olivia Terrace, at the Fascine.