We know you’ll agree the difference between a good and a great holiday often comes down to planning. If you are short for time and want the planning done for you, an already prepared itinerary from one of the locals is ideal. Whether you're looking for a quick weekender or longer stay, we've got you covered. We have prepared a number of must-visit landmarks, local eateries and a place to stay. 

Take advantage of the $199 one way flights with Regional Express Airlines and discover Western Australia's beautiful southern gateway to the Ningaloo World Heritage Area, Carnarvon. Ideally situated between the Shark Bay and Ningaloo Coastal World Heritage Areas, Carnarvon is a great place to explore the history of the area, and surrounding marine and outback landscapes.

Enjoy an abundant tropical food experience of fresh fruit, vegetables, and seafood in Carnarvons food bowl area. Discover the rich history and culture of the region, immerse yourself in the natural attractions, and stay at a unique station stay. 

Welcome to Country


  • How many days: 3 Days 
  • Best time of the year: May to October



As you arrive in Carnarvon, prepare to be amazed by the possibilities awaiting you here. Begin your journey by settling into the luxurious comfort of Carnarvon Luxury Canal Home or opt for the family-friendly charm of Capricorn Holiday Park, nestled amidst shady trees.            

Once settled, dive into exploring the charm of Carnarvon!

Start your cultural journey at Gwoonwardu Mia Cultural Centre, a treasure trove boasting an interactive museum, an Ethno-botanical garden, and the Burlganjya Wanggaya exhibition– Old People Talking – Listen, Learn, Respect. Indulge in local Bush Tucker delights at Jardilunji Mia training café.

Continue your adventure along the Fruit Loop trail, making a memorable stop at the iconic Cactus Farm on South River Road. Delight in refreshing choc-coated bananas or mango smoothies at Bumbak’s. Conclude your day at Carnarvon Hotel, savouring the sunset views over the Fascine while relishing the local specialty, Goat Curry.

Stay awhile and explore. You can find accommodation by following this link for Carnarvon and Coral Bay accommodations.

Carnarvon Mural

Old tramway at sunset


Rise with the sun and embark on a morning stroll along the picturesque Fascine, basking in the beauty of the sunrise. Enjoy a delightful breakfast at Noon Café, soaking in panoramic views of the Fascine.

Next, delve into Carnarvon's rich history at the Heritage Precinct. From the nostalgic Lighthouse Keepers Museum to the intriguing Railway Station Museum, immerse yourself in tales of yesteryears. Conclude your historical journey at the One Mile Jetty Centre, where the HMAS Sydney II/ HSK Kormoran display awaits.

Before departing, indulge in Vietnamese delights at Kestrel Café, offering a perfect riverside view. En route to the Coral Coast, uncover Carnarvon's role in the NASA Apollo moon landing at the captivating Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum.

Journey onwards to Red Bluff, capturing a moment under the iconic 'King Waves Kill' sign. Arrive at Red Bluff, where hillside Eco-tents or a rustic swag await, offering breathtaking views and a chance to unwind. On Friday nights, relish homemade pizzas and live music at open mic night.


Today, embrace the beach life!

Wake up to the vibrant hues of the Bluff's sunrise before indulging in a refreshing morning swim on the pristine white sands. Surf enthusiasts can conquer Quobba's famed surf break, while others can explore the coastline or bask in the sun's warmth, capturing memories in the renowned Red Bluff cave.

As the day draws to a close, bid farewell to Red Bluff and embark on your return journey to Carnarvon. En route, savor freshly cooked fish and chips, doughnuts, or a comforting coffee at Tucker Box near the Quobba Blowholes. Before concluding your adventure, don't miss the chance to snorkel or swim in the 'Aquarium,' surrounded by vibrant marine life.

With hearts full of memories and souls rejuvenated by nature's embrace, it's time to say goodbye to Carnarvon for now and cherish the unforgettable moments of your mini getaway. Until we meet again, let the echoes of crashing waves linger in your memories.

Quobba Blowholes