When it comes to surf breaks, we can easily say we have some of the best in Western Australia.

Quobba Station

Quobba Station is well-known for some great surf breaks and the best time to surf at Quobba is from May through to August.

Red Buff (The Bluff)

Red Bluff is the main surf break at Quobba Station, it’s a left-hand point break where the sets line up before whopping into a shallow platform of low-lying reef to offer rifling barrels that go for over 100 meters on the best days. This is not for beginners.

You can access Red Bluff out the front of the campsites.


There’s a second reef break at Blowholes just a few bends in the coast south of Red Bluff itself. A less-surfed, less-famous spot, it has the appearance of an A-frame, though only the left is really worth it. This is best surfed on bigger days.

You can access this just south of Red Bluff via the beach or off-road tracks.

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Gnaraloo Station

Gnaraloo is where all the action happens, with world class waves along Gnaraloo’s section of the west coast. The majority of surf here is for experienced surfers only, but when it gets calmer beginners can give it a go. 


Tombstones are the waves that Gnaraloo is known for! It is a left-hand, full-on barrel from start to finish, this can depend on the tide and swell. The best conditions are at mid to high tide and when the winds blow south southeast.  These waves can break up to 300-500m, and even on a quieter day, it’s still a great ride.

Believe it when people say how intense it is.

You can access Tombstones by a 2km drive south of the 3 Mile campsite.

Centres (Centre Peak)

Centres is a steep and fast left-hander and if you are lucky, it will occasionally offer up some barrels. Centres is a good spot in all tides and averages 2.5-3m waves. This spot is knowns as a “gentlemen’s spot”, so remember this is a place to share the waves.

You can access Centres via the Tombstones parking lot.


Midgies is further out the back, south of Tombstones and is fast, hollow left-hander. It is recommended that only experienced surfers should take on this wave, as it is very unforgiving. The best conditions are at mid to high tide.

You can access Midgies via a track to the left just before Tombstones parking lot, that directs you in a southerly direction.


Turtles has on offer both left and right peeling reef breaks, with the left producing a hollow bowl and workable walls. The break works best with an easterly wind and during mid-high tides. Suited to the experienced surfer. 

You can access Turtles via a 25 minute drive south of 3 Mile Camp located by the dunes, all on 4WD tracks.

Fencies (Fenceline)

Fencelines is one of the more mellow options around the Gnaraloo area and is perfect for those not quite ready to take on the outer reefs. It is a fun right and left peak that breaks along the reef, sandy bottom. It’s best at mid to low tide.

You can access Fencelines out the front along the fence at 3 Mile Camp.

Gnaraloo Bay

If you’re looking for a more chilled out wave, this is your best spot. Though it’s mellow, it’s still not a break for beginners – this solid left barrel wraps around a shallow reef.

You can access Gnaraloo Bay by a 7km drive from Gnaraloo Homestead.

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This is a remote destination, and you will be required to travel on unsealed roads.  Weather events may impact road conditions.
Please check the road safety reports and ensure your vehicle is adequately equipped prior to commencing your journey.

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