Fishing and Boating

The Gascoyne region in Western Australia is a stunning place for boating! With its beautiful coastline, pristine waters, and marine life, it's a haven for boaters. Whether you're into fishing, leisurely cruising, or exploring the stunning coral reefs, Gascoyne offers fantastic opportunities. This is an extremely remote area, remember to check local regulations, weather conditions, and safety measures before setting off on your boating adventure. Check out the Carnarvon/Shark Bay Boating Guide.

Fishing in Coral Bay and Carnarvon in Western Australia can be an incredible experience! Coral Bay, known for its stunning beaches and clear waters, offers fantastic opportunities for shore fishing and reef fishing. You can catch a variety of species such as trevally, queenfish, snapper and mackerel.

Carnarvon, with its rivers and estuaries, provides excellent fishing spots for whiting, mangrove jacks, and mud crabs. The Gascoyne River is particularly popular for its fishing opportunities.

Bernier and Dorre Islands

The islands are located 58km off the coast of Carnarvon and are accessible by boat. These islands are one of Carnarvon’s best kept fishing secrets. Fish such as Pink Snapper, Spangled Emperor, Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Groper, Cod, Spanish Mackerel & Cobia are just a few of the fish species caught in the area. The best time to visit the islands is from April to October. Bernier Island allows access during the day only and no camping permitted on the island.

Dorre island is a A1 class reserve meaning access onto the island is prohibited at all times, however there are many bays around both islands in which you can anchor and sleep on your boat overnight. During the months of May to November it is common to spot whales frolicking in the crystal clear waters during their migration period.

Warroora Station

Just south of Coral Bay, Warroora Station offers quiet and remote camping away from the crowds. The beach fishing along the Warroora Station coastline is fantastic. Trevally, Emperor, Whiting and Bream all travel along the coastline. Beach launching of boats is feasible in many of the bays on the station. Please note the sanctuary zones Cape Farquhar and Pelican Sanctuary.

Five-Fingers Reef

Access via four wheel drive south of Coral Bay, Five Fingers reef is a popular fishing spot. Squid are a common catch, however Trevally, Emperor and Bream are abundant around the isolated coral bombies.

Coral Bay Boat Ramp

The boat ramp provides a good platform for fishing with the family, however there are better spots to fish around Coral Bay.

Mauds Landing

Access via four wheel drive, cars are able to drive along the beach. Fishing should be focused around the reefy out crops where Trevally, Emperor and small Queenfish will be waiting to smash a popper.


A popular camp spot, Bruboodjoo has great snorkelling and fishing spots. There are also plenty of areas to explore north and south of Bruboodjoo. It is well worth exploring the more remote beach fishing locations.

Bush Bay

Located approximately 50km south of Carnarvon, Bush Bay is a large camping area spread out across 10km of shallow beaches.

The shallow waters are home to abundant Bream, Whiting and Flathead. The coast line is lined with many little creek inlets that have deeper holes. These inlets are home to Cod, Mangrove Jack and Bream. Walking the flats on a incoming tide cast poppers is a great way to target Whiting and Bream. On an outgoing tide the small inlets rush out flushing bait fish out onto the flats were Flathead and Bream hang around structure waiting for a feed. 

Be sure to check the tide calendar prior to setting out to avoid getting your vehicle bogged.

Gladstone Bay

Gladstone Bay campground is located in the Shark Bay World Heritage area in Western Australia. Spanning across approximately 3 kilometres of pristine coastline, featuring a historic jetty, crystal clear water and an abundance of marine life, Gladstone Bay Campground has something to offer everyone, whether it be fishing, kayaking, snorkeling or just relaxing and taking in the peaceful surrounds. Beaching launching is possible but make sure you keep an eye on the tides.

This is a remote destination, and you may be required to travel on unsealed roads.  Weather events may impact road conditions.
Please check the road safety reports and ensure your vehicle is adequately equipped prior to commencing your journey.

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