Snorkelling and Swimming in the Bay


Coral Bay is an authorised vessel only area to allow for family friendly swimming and snorkelling. Snorkelling is fantastic just off the beach from Bill’s Bay and Paradise Beach. For the more adventurous, there are a number of commercial boat charters available from Coral Bay. Jump on board with one of the tour operators who offer snorkelling tours from Coral Bay. Call the Carnarvon Visitor Centre to find out prices, availability and book.


Ningaloo Reef Dive is a licensed PADI outlet.  You are able to go on a range of courses, whether you simply want to give SCUBA diving a try or have decided to continue your diving education.  The calm waters of Coral Bay on the Ningaloo Reef are the ideal location for your first attempt at SCUBA diving.  Daily diving trips are also on offer, ranging from half or full days.  The boat can accommodate scuba divers and snorkelers.


Coral Bay boasts a large population of Manta Rays and offer visitors the unique opportunity to swim with these graceful and gentle creatures all year round providing an unforgettable experience. Manta rays do not possess the protective stinging barb on their tails and as such are harmless to humans.

Five Fingers

You’ll find this magic place about 4km south of Coral Bay town, just off Monck Head Drive on your way to the Coral Bay Boat Ramp. It’s extremely well sign posted, and providing you stick near the coastline on your way down you won’t get lost.

Being located in between 5 fingers, this place is fairly well protected and a great place for people to learn to snorkel. You can swim up and down (and around) each of the fingers and you’ll see a huge variety of marine life. 

Oyster Bridge

Only an hour's drive from Coral Bay on the Ningaloo Reef, WA is this magical little spot called Oyster Bridge! It is amazing how much sea life lives in this little lagoon created by an oyster bridge.

This is a remote destination, and you will be required to travel on unsealed roads.  Weather events may impact road conditions.
Please check the road safety reports and ensure your vehicle is adequately equipped prior to commencing your journey.

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