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 GWN7 Top Tourism Town Awards 2024

Carnarvon - Nominee - Small Town Award

It’s time to discover the REAL Carnarvon.

Nestled along the Coral Coast, this oasis invites adventurous travellers to explore where culture, adventure, and wilderness converge. Experience nature and explore the depth of Western Australia's cultural heritage.

Carnarvon, the unsung hero of Gascoyne, offers relaxation amidst untouched beauty. Enjoy the laid back pace, generosity, and simplicity of country living. Carnarvon offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience traditions and cultures, immersing themselves in the lives of REAL people and REAL stories.

With world-class fishing, windsurfing, museums, pristine beaches, and dark skies, Carnarvon beckons. Immerse yourself —and discover Carnarvon’s REAL beauty.

Carnarvon CBD