©2018 Anton Blume and Sabrina Dowling Giudici. All Rights Reserved.

Pastoralism Town Clock, 2018, Anton Blume, Sabrina Dowling Giudici. Carnarvon, Western Australia.

  • Artists: Anton Blume, Sabrina Dowling Giudici.
  • Designer: Anton Blume

Pastoralism Town Cloc

The Pastoralism Town Clock art pieces installation pays homage to a beloved town landmark, the town clock, which once stood proudly on the West side of the main roundabout. Inaugurated by the Lions Club on 3 September 1967, this clock was a cherished icon, but over the years, there were consistent calls for its return to the centre of town.

To celebrate the clock's 50th anniversary and answer the community's wishes, a contemporary interpretation was born. Drawing inspiration from the pastoral theme and the existing entry statement, this artwork features a windmill clock head mounted on a central pole.

Modern technology now ensures the clock's precise timekeeping. A GPS antenna, linked to a control master clock at the base of the clock tower, seamlessly maintains the clock's accuracy and illumination.

Artistic markings on the lower portion of the pole, inspired by the pastoral theme, harmonise with the upper metal finish and windmill fans. These markings will be monochromatic to complement the overall aesthetic.

The windmill's head boasts laser-cut corten steel fan blades, with the actual clock face at its centre. The clock itself is a recognised component of town clocks throughout Australia. This public art piece not only commemorates the town clock's history but also stands as a symbol of our community's enduring spirit.